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The woman of heart devoted to the marriage bed and its ancient laws marries the man of reason and action who belongs to the state and society.


The woman of heart devoted to the marriage bed and its ancient laws marries the man of reason and action who belongs to the state and society.

The story of her revolt against a world in which respect, loyalty, trust, responsibility, love have disappeared. Medea makes the highest sacrifice. The most atrocious revenge. To stab this world, one must strike it... in the heart. A story which, in a world of parents who do everything possible to bring up their children in the best possible way, becomes a tragedy in the name of love. A tragedy of love and freedom. A tragedy in which it is the children who pay, all the children, and in which everything is human....terribly human. On stage to relive the drama only two actors, as in the times of ancient Greece.


The text used for the performance is Euripides' Medea. The characters of the nurse and the pedagogue and the text of the chorus have been 'cut'.
The chorus is the audience to whom the characters sometimes address themselves. The spectators are thus openly witnesses and arbiters of the events in the house of Medea and Jason. The rest of the text, scenes and monologues, is integral. The translation has been realised by comparing the work of various Italian, French, English, Spanish and Norwegian translators with the aim of finding, with the greatest respect for the text, a version that is as theatrical as possible.


The show: It had its debut in April at Teatro Kismet Opera in Bari and a preview at Teatro Civico14 in Caserta. It won the Offx3 Residency call of SpazioOff in Trento and was selected for the final of the call and festival Vd'A - Voci dell'anima 2011;
Selected at the Festival Castel dei Mondi in Andria 2011, at the Florian (Pe); It was selected for the international showcase in May 2012, Puglia Show Case and for the Festa della Toscana 2012. It has been performed for numerous classical and scientific high schools in Italy.

Activities and work

2 actors on stage

Scenography: carpets, two trunks/boxes, a coat rack, a removable iron door.


Sufficient lights to have a diffuse placement on the stage and 5 lighting points.
The work can be staged in any space, theatrical or not, as long as it is very intimate.

Lights required: 16 1000W PCs + 5 1000W PARs

External lighting: 6 PCs (2 pointed at the stalls and 4 pointed at the stage) and 1 PAR
1st truss and: 4 front PCs and 2 PARs
2nd truss: 3 PCs (1 sprinkler PC, 2 cut-off PCs, 2 PARs )
3rd truss: 3 backlit PCs (1 central PC and 2 side PCs)

It is possible that the lighting stock will vary depending on the size of the theatre space and the theatre's availability.

No jellies are used.
If there is no American, the lights are arranged in another way.
There are no light changes except at the end, before dark.


There is no music in the performance.


1 hour and 15 minutes. This is the time needed to prepare the markers. If the target is already prepared, 25 minutes are sufficient.


20 minutes.
Duration of performance: 1 hour 30 minutes approx.


The performance has no SIAE fees. The translation has been made by Annika Strøhm and Saba Salvemini and there is no music. Ask for a release form.



by Euripides

Translated, directed and performed by Annika Strøhm and Saba Salvemini
Project realised with the support of Spazio Off of Trento and ResExtensa