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Studio K Reviews


Studio K - The night just before the forests

A stranger, looking for a room, picks up a young man on a rainy night.
Night stories of a world of pigs, whores, women on a bridge, children, generals... a world where you can still say I love you.


The play revolves around the theme of love.
Koltès shows us the world we live in, an upside-down dimension in which loneliness, work, money and personal interests have taken over; he chooses as the champion of love a lonely man, a foreigner, a researcher and an idealist, a man from the street who is direct and determined, a man who seeks the other, seeks a room, seeks a companion. A soul. A free man.
He gives us a hard and poetic path to see the light again in the night.
Bernard-Mariè talks to us about love and seems to suggest a way to go back to loving ourselves and each other.

A monologue written without a point, a river of words.
The theatrical form chosen to play this piece is that of an open theatre.
The actor in costume, under a light that illuminates the entire theatre space, speaks to no more than 60 people.
The direct and poetic writing of Koltès requires great lightness in the play of the actor. Only by not weighing down and emphasising the dramatic nature of the scenes is it possible to allow the text to breathe and bring out that ultimate light and impalpable sense that the author seems to suggest.


Trailer - part one

Trailer - Part 2

Integral in 5 parts - part 1


by B.M. Koltès

Directed and performed by Saba Salvemini